Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer is one familiar with your rights are as a citizen and has the experience in applying his legal knowledge for personal injury disputes and court proceedings. Hastings & Greyson is a fully accredited firm that holds membership to seven recognized bar associations and memberships within and beyond the state of Virginia. We have over 15 yearsof legal experience and all the members of our staff are fully trained and kept abreast of all the best legal practices in the country today.


Discontent with the outcome of a recent legal dispute or trial decision? Don't just accept that you've run out of options. In some cases, you might just be able to appeal a decision that did not turn out to work out for you. To elevate your chances of a winning appeal, you will need a gifted lawyer on your side. That's where the team at Hastings & Greyson comes in.

Motor Vehicle

You drive everyday here in Virginia, never imagining that a single accident can flip your life upside down. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can inflict terrible pain and suffering, all the way from minor injuries, on to paralysis and even wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, no matter how severe, the Hastings & Greyson firm will fight for you to collect the compensation you deserve.


On Your Side When
it Matters Most

Court cases are most often harrowing, unrelenting experiences that take a toll on the mind, body and spirit. When you have a team of gifted lawyers working for you with your best interests at heart, your mind can rest at ease during an arduous process.

It's just good to know there was someone on your side who cared as much as we do for each and every one of the clients we represent.