The team here at Hastings & Greyson are proficient problem solvers. As such, we are always looking to challenge ourselves, taking on the most challenging cases as often as we can. We welcome the opportunity to represent you and everything you need to accomplish no matter the scope of your case.

Our Motto

Excellence. Efficiency. Experience

We are devoted to excellence. Our attorneys have impressive academic backgrounds. They know how to try cases, they know how to write compelling briefs, and they have been beckoned to teach those learned skills to others, and have done so routinely.


Every great team is only good as its leaders, and ours lead by example.

Jennifer Edgewood

Admitted to Virginia Bar in 1991.
Jennifer's experience is deeply rooted in personal injury cases. After a negative personal experience during her college years, she decided to hone her skills and become the best personal injury lawyer she could be.

Ryan C. Hastings

Admitted to Virginia Bar in 1997.
Ryan's father, John, was a prominent D.C. lawyer focusing on appeals cases for over 25 years when Ryan decied to follow in his father's footsteps. Since then, Ryan has successfully appealed over 200 cases.

Carolyn Greyson

Admitted to Virginia Bar in 1993.
Carolyn handles most of the motor vechicle cases thrown our way. She has been involved in many high-profile cases in the Virginia/D.C. area during her career, and has garnered many awards as such.